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Monday, April 24, 2006

Guess Who?

A riddle for you...

What's stinky and sweaty and hasn't sent out an email update in a ridiculously long time?

Answer: Danny. He's terrible at email updates. That's why I do it.

Greetings and Salutations to you all! Wow, it has been a horrendously long time since I wrote, but I had a shower so I'm not stinky and sweaty anymore. I guess I should fill you in on what's happening, and what's been happening over the past month.

We are now in Malta (and the peasants rejoice)! We arrived last Tuesday, April 16th. It has been a wonderful change for our team - we've all felt the thrill and excitement of a new country and a new mission! Our schedule is already full with presentations and programs in 2-3 schools a day and 2-3 evening youth clubs a week! Then there's all the extra stuff we get ourselves into!

For example today. We did two schools and then went to another radio mission based here in Malta and did some backyard labour on their building. Hence the afore-mentioned stinky and sweatyness. We've been having a blast in schools. It always amazes us how we can speak so openly about our faith and the difference Jesus has made in our lives right in an assembly!

We had a really cool experience on Friday night. The man that runs all the Catholic youth clubs in the country asked us do to some of our dramas on the steps of the Mosta Dome! I know you're like, "Wow! What the heck is a Mosta Dome?" Glad you asked!

A picture speaks a thousand words. Take a look for yourself

It seems to be a bit of a running theme for us, performing in cathedrals. Just a few weeks ago in England we did a week long program in the Lichfield cathedral. Look at this one.

Anyway, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before Jay Leno calls.

Okay, this email is long (no surprize there) so I'll wrap this up for now with one last exciting thing...

Yesterday we went swimming and I was stung by a jelly fish! Actually, it didn't hurt that much, it was just a little one. But then, because the driver of the boat we'd gone with felt sorryfor me, he let me drive the boat! I almost capsized and killed us all! How exciting!

With that, I should go. I'll be writing again, don't you worry! I have a couple of great stories I have to tell you about, but this email is long enough as it is! So God bless you all and take care!

~Alycia DeLong

P.S. - Don't worry, I didn't let anyone pee on my jelly fish sting.

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