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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Finally the Internet and I Meet Again

Hello there my favourite family! I'm beginning the enormous job of replying to an obscene amount of emails. We haven't had email access in almost over 2 weeks and it HAS DRIVEN ME CRAZY! First of all, I've wanted to send out an email to let you know how my test results turned out. Well, I passed all my tests: my thyroid is fine and my cortisol levels are normal (that's some sort of adreneline hormone.) A couple of things have come up though. My prolactin levels are still way too high, causing low estrogen levels (which explains why I've been watching sports, scratching myself and leaving the seat up), and I also have low levels of IG-1 hormones. That's a growth hormone. Basically that means I won't be having any growth spurts any time soon. It's not a big deal. It just seems that its a case of hyperprolactaenamia. Yeah, I could have guessed that. (????hyperprolacti-what??? I'll take hormones of the pituitary for $1000, Alex).

I still do need a lot of prayer. The doctors are a bit baffled by what is causing this and I'll still have to go for more tests. They want me to have my MRI first before they start jabbing me with their torture sticks again. They can do what they want, I'll never talk!

Otherwise, to be honest, I've been pretty run down. I missed pretty much all of last week, which was a bummer. We did a whole week of our program in the Lichfield Cathedral! Yeah, Europe's biggest three-spired cathedral, like 800 years old, an absolute masterpiece of architecture and history. And we did a desecrated it with our loud dramas. It was awesome, and I missed it.

I've found that I just have 'shut down' days. It's pretty much impossible for me to function when this happens, it just feels like a total energy drain. It's nothing that a quick 14 to 16-hour nap doesn't fix. It's most likely because of the hyperprolabadabadoo thingy combined with our lifestyle/stress/lack of chocolate intake. Okay the chocolate intake may not be a real medical solution. Yet.

So I do need a lot of prayer so that I can try and keep up. Danny and the team have been great to accommodate me and my health. The team doesn't know all the details about everything (it's sort of hard to explain anyway), but they've never asked any questions or judged me about my time off. And Danny has spoiled me rotten, as usual!

So his birthday and our anniversary was just last week! Thank you for all the emails wishing us the best! I didn't see Danny at all on his birthday because he had to take the team to a mission in a different town while I stayed behind an extra day for a doctor's appointment. Then we had our anniversary. Did you know that the 5th anniversary is the wood anniversary. I thought about getting Danny a popsicle, but Danny definitely won the prize for most thoughtful gift. First, he gave me this beautifully carved wooden box and inside was a very antique looking French song-book and piano sheet music! Wow! Then he surprized me even more when that weekend he took me to a hotel in Dudley (called ' The Village')! When we got to the room there was flowers, champagne and chocolates waiting to meet us there! I even had a massage there! It was just what any doctor would order.

Okay, what else did I have to say? Oh yeah, I have tragic terrible news! THE CAMERA IS BROKEN!!!!! I don't know what I'm going to do (but I'm hoping that in the rebound I will be able to console my broken heart with 5 or 6 pixel Fuji). It broke sometime last week in Lichfield. We think it must have gotten crushed in the bottom of the back pack. Usually I carry it with me everywhere in my purse, but because I wasn't well last week I wasn't able to protect it from the cruelties of the world! It is especially painful now that we are in Scotland and there has been the most wonderful snowfall here! I would be taking so many pictures if Canon A80 was here...~sigh~

On a serious note however, we had some sad news from the homefront. Danny's birth grandfather passed away last weekend. It was quite a surprize to the family I guess. We only got to meet him once, but are we ever glad we did!

Well, I've still got a million and 99 emails to respond too plus if it is possible I'll put out a general update as well!

I love you all and I miss you all! God bless and take care and hopefully I'll get to write again soon!

Love always,
~Alycia xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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