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Friday, August 10, 2007


Well, well, well. Do I have some pretty big news. And what a surprise, I've made a video about it!

Yes, 'tis true - I peed on a stick. Uh, wait, that's not what you want to hear. Okay, I am pregnant! Danny and I are going to be parents. We will bring up a child, a child that could some day be Prime Minister, or Govenor General, or Manager of some fine eating establishment!

Now, as word has spread around I have had quite a few emails of the usual 'congrats,' 'well done,' and 'that poor child doesn't know what they're in for,' along with questions. Questions you may be thinking right now. So to help with some of your inquiries (and keep my email from getting over-run with the same questions) I've made an FAQ board that will hopefully help!


1. How far along are you?
- About 9 weeks so far. The baby will be about 2.5 cm, according to the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting."

2. When are you due?
- Should be around March 13, 2008. If I play my cards right though, I could maybe make it happen on March 9 which just happens to be our 7th anniversary and Danny's dad's birthday. How convenient would that be! And we know that pregnancy, labour, children and convenience are four words that go together like peas in a pod - like ferrets and oversized trousers.

3. Where will you have the baby?
- Most likely in a hospital. I've heard of other people having ones in cars and Walmarts, but what can I say? I'm a stickler for tradition.

4. I meant, are you going to stay in England to have the baby or come back to Canada you idiot?
- Oh, well if that's what you meant, that's what you should have said.

5. Are you going to anwer question four?
- Okay, okay. Well, at the moment we are kind of leaning towards staying here, though honestly we would rather be home. We have a lot of commitments here such as the Project Gambia thing and there are 2 LifeFORCE teams training at our UK base this year. There are some nice perks to staying here though. I'm actually covered by the British health system now so I get all the benefits that any other pregnant lady would. I get free prescriptions, dental work, and anything else a doctor prescribes for up to a YEAR after the baby is born! Yeah, that's a pretty sweet deal! I'm totally going to try and get some doctors orders for a massage! Okay, that might be pushing it. Another thing is that the hospital that is within walking distance of us has a beautiful maternity clinic that is just over 5 years old. Mind you, I'd still like to come home. I've had this craving for perogies and they don't sell them here. I had to make my own batch. They were okay. I do miss those Cheemos though...

6. What are Cheemos?
- Cheemo is a company that makes quality frozen perogies in two popular flavours: potato and cheese and onion and potato. They are available at Safeway and IGA.

7. How do you know so much about Cheemo perogies? Nevermind. What's happening with Project Gambia now?
- We have 3 schools signed on for this coming 2007/2008 school year. We had more, but we actually put some on hold until next year. It was hard, but we really can't do it all. In fact, we're not even planning on doing all of these three (me especially). Mind you, it hasn't been hard to find people to step and lead these groups through the program. Everyone we talk to about it wants a piece of the action! So we've set it up with three schools and three local churches that can partner up to do it together with a bit of guidance from us. We already have the curriculum and the contacts, they just have to put it into action. Plus, we always wanted it to be about the churches and the schools connecting, not just Danny and me connecting with the schools. We hoping to do a week-long pre-visit with the different church leaders before they take their groups so they can be more prepared for the journey when the time comes. Did I say 'we?' I meant Danny. I'll be sitting at home unable to lift myself off of the couch due to the substantial girth that will be anchoring me down at that point. The saddest part about that picture is that I'm still excited! (Those of you who are veterans of the whole pregnancy thing feel free to laugh out loud at my delusions. You're right - I have no idea what I am in store for).

Danny met with the British board members of the New Life Schools (those are the schools we worked with in The Gambia) in Newark yesterday and we found out some very shocking, and even upsetting, information. We thought that the school probably had around 700 students, well it's more like 1100! About 300 of the students are able to afford the costs of schooling and about 300 who are sponsored. The school is educating the rest out of the kindness of their heart hoping and praying that they can find sponsors for the remaining 500! Well, let me tell you - we are going to push the sponsorship of students a heck of a lot more! We had no idea it was that intense! Plus there are teachers that need sponsoring as well. Another thing I guess they said was what a boost our group's visit was to the schools! They are still over the moon about it! Danny said they just went on and on about how much they appreciated the group! I can hardly wait until next year when...uh...I wave goodbye to all the students from the airport as my slobbering baby fills another diaper. Yeah, really excited.

8. How are you feeling now? Have you had any 'morning sickness?'
- I feel great actually. I get to eat all the time! Luckily for me I haven't had any sickness whatsoever. It's also lucky for you as you all know how descriptive of a writer I can be.

9. How is Danny doing?
- The NFL season has started, so I'm not really convinced that all his excitement has been solely due to the news of the baby. I'm trying to convince him that the names of his sports heroes are not options for our baby's name (ie. Ladamien Tomlinson, Priest Holmes, #99, etc.)

10. Have you thought about names yet?
- We sure have! But we have a while before we have to commit to anything. We asked the kids at our kid's club for their input. Many of them came up with names that would be okay for a baby, but better for a pet dog. One kid actually prayed, "Dear Lord, thank you for Danny and Alycia and I pray that their baby isn't a stupid one." Amen.

11. Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?
- Well, as any parent-to-be would say, I just want a healthy baby. However bearing in mind that present babies become future teenagers, I WANT A BOY!!!!!

12. How can I send you and Danny a financial gift in light of this great news?
- Well, since you asked, there is a convenient way. You can send a donation, check or cash, with an attached note that states it is to be passed on to us, to:

LifeFORCE Teams International
#8 - 3530 11A Street NE
Calgary, AB
T2E 6M7

(checks can be made out to LifeFORCE and all donations over $20 are tax deductable.)

13. Has anyone really asked you that question?
- No, actually. I made it up. Sorry. To be totally honest though, I would like to get a filing cabinet so that we can get more organized around here before things get really chaotic! Plus I have had a few comments from people hinting that I should start putting money away now to pay for the therapy my children will probably need later.

14. Is this update almost done? I'm tired and hungry and CSI is on in 4 minutes.
- Alright I can take a hint. I guess I'll end things here for now. I do have an appointment on August 30 and they'll be doing an ultrasound. It will be our first picture of the little gaffer! Mind you, I guess I could just copy one off the internet because, let's face it, who could tell any of them apart?

So until next time, wherever you are, whatever you do, take care and buy Cheemo perogies. You'll thank me later.

God Bless,
~Alycia DeLong (& Co.)


Princess Pamela said...

woot! Woot!! Happy "We're having a baby" day!!!!!!

Very happy for you...

Pam and Ray Jessen

Ray said...

I know that you always wanted a child so that you could raise them in isolation, speaking only pirate to them. I guess that since you can't do that you figured that British would be just about as bad? You people are sick I tell you, SICK.

Congrats, may God bless you and your family.

Ray (and Pam would have nothing to do with this comment)

michael lewis said...

That's freaking AWESOME!

(And it's about time! Beautiful people need to be making beautiful babies; there are too many ugly people in the world.)

Kendall & Sabrina said...

Congratulations guys! That is some SUPER news!

Jill said...

You're hilarious and congratulations again!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to add that you are having triplets. People might want to know this type of news you know.