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Monday, June 25, 2007

Honey, I Shrunk the Creature from the Blog

Heh, heh...okay I am running a bit dry on "Creature of the Blog" saga titles. However, this title does give the impression that this update is going to be shorter than the others. Sorry to get your hopes up.

Actually, this one is going to be shorter in words because I've got two - yes two - new videos! Since I'm spending all my time putting together a big presentation of the entire Project Gambia week for the school, therefore constantly neglecting my blogging duties to the public. So I said to myself, "Alycia, you good-looking fool, you could kill two birds with one stone!" Boy was I wrong! I killed no birds and broke two windows with one stone!

Then I said to myself, "Alycia, you stupid good-looking fool, put the videos on the blog!"


This first video is a compilation of our visits to three schools. During the training time, our group had split into three divisions: Teaching, Music/Art/Drama, and Sports. Throughout the day we ran all kinds of activities for the students who ranged from age 4 to 24. In The Gambia, most kids cannot start school until they can afford it, so in one first grade class you can have students who are six years old to students who are ten.

In the clips of the last school we visited on Wednesday, Half Dye, you can see that the classrooms are quite colourful and the desks are relatively new. It was really exciting for Danny and I to see this because when we first went back in November, the work had only begun. Half Dye is a school with four classrooms, at least 30 kids per class, and two teachers, sometimes three. We had just started to paint this place in 2006. Then a school in England moved to a new building and donated everything old to the ministry in the UK that built the schools in The Gambia. And boy, those people - Christians after my own heart!!! They didn't even let a paper clip go to waste! Let's see a quick before and after picture: (Note - If you're not seeing the full picture click on it to view it, then click "back" to return here.)


This was just after we'd painted, but you can still see the state of the desks and chairs. Most of them were broken with sharp pieces of metal sticking out.

This is what the classrooms look like now. Yes, that is me. I'm in the middle of doing something deeply educational and enriching for the children.

Now, without further adu...ROLL THE CLIP!!!!

Project Gambia - School Visits

This next video is of the team on Tuesday afternoon where they took on their a painting project of their own. Even though school had ended, many of the students stuck around wanting to play. This is not uncommon here as there isn't much to go home to, as you will see (an ominous hint of what is to come in future blogs, perhaps?). I'll just shut up now and let you watch the show.
Project Gambia - Painting Day

I hope you have enjoyed these videos. I do have a lot of fun making them (hair-pulling-sweat-staining-swear-wording fun). I just can't wait until the next blog, it is going to be sooooo good! I just can't hold it in, I have to let a little bit slip:

On Wednesday afternoon after school we took the group to Kotisilo village. It is a place where many of the young students from the New Life Schools in Kanefing and Half Dye live. All of the children were ecstatic when they saw the huge group of white visiters walking through their village to visit. And we had many donations of linen, clothes and first aid kits to give out. The entire village couldn't believe their eyes, and our entire group couldn't believe theirs. Of all the things they saw this week, that day was the most incredible...and you, too, will see why...

Well, I have to run. I have lot's of work to do with this still. Feel free to watch them again and again and again!

God bless and take care,
~Alycia DeLong

P.S.- I am so EEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL! Muu wah haa haa haa haaaaaaa!

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys, great videos and reports. You have tapped into 'the new evangelism' for this generation i believe. I am really interested in this concept and am planning on discussing it and possibly implementing it into our programs over here. Let me know how you are doing with everything else in your life. Blessings.

Larry Moore