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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Health Update

Hello there everyone! Here's the latest on my health situation. I guess I have good news and, well, no news.

The good news is that the old brain tumor is still shrinking. In fact is has shrunk another 4mm since my last MRI 2 years ago! Hooray! So that was very exciting!

The no news is that they have no idea what's causing the hyperprolactinaemia. I will have to go see an endocrinologist and have more tests. They're a bit stumped by what's happening in my brain. The MRI didn't reveal any new growths, and the old tumor isn't on the pituitary gland, it's fairly soon for me to be having side effects from the radiation, and my symptoms don't reflect that it is because of the radiation anyway. So we're back to the drawing board. We know there's something wrong, we just don't know why or how to fix this.

My next appointment with the endocrinology department is August 8 and hopefully they'll be able to find some answers, or find that I've been healed and am back to normal! (Was I ever really normal though?)

That is that, then, for now. I'm sorry I didn't have more answers, but so were the doctors. Thank you for all your prayers though - thank you very very very much! I have been strengthened daily by them and by God's gracious Spirit!

May God bless you all this summer!

~Alycia DeLong

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